Replacement handbooks or manuals

Did you know you can obtain replacement handbooks and manuals?  

Try this link to download a pdf (instruction manuals) for all models of Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watches.

Please note, that download link will take you to Mondaine official website.

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  1. I purchased a Mondaine watch, on your web site you claim a feature of the watch to be a 58 second Stop to Go feature. My watch does not do this the red second hand takes 60 moves to rotate and the black minute hand is not in any way synchronised with the red hand. Is my watch faulty?
    James Cassidy

    • Hello there.

      The “stop to go” model was phased out approximately 10 years ago, so if you have recently bought the watch, this is an issue you need to take up with the retailer who sold it to you. All Mondaine watches work like ordinary watches – without any hesitation or waiting until the second hand reaches 12 for the minute hand to move.

      Descriptions of the watches and full specifications can be found here.

  2. Hi,
    I bought my Stop-to-go watch in Geneva airport 10 years ago.
    When it broke (I dropped it on a a solid floor) I had it repaired here in the UK, but it it stopped working only a week or so later.
    Is it worth trying to get this repaired in the UK again? If so, where can I go?

  3. i recently purchased a mondaine a667.30308.16sbm day and date watch, very pleased with it BUT cannot get the day and date to change at or about midnight, whatever time is set both day and date the next time it hits 12 or thereabouts they both change to next date, shouldnt the watch operate on correct day date for 24 hours ? on the instruction manual it states if you change between 9.30 pm and midnite set next days day date, have tried this and many other combos, any suggestions or advice?

  4. I have just purchased a Mondaine Evo Gents with a metal braclet. How do you adjust the braclet. There is no information in the manual or on your website.

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