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Sporty classic: The chronograph with oversized date display. The Sports Gents Line is the sporty version of the official Swiss Railway Watch, offering functionality as well as variety. This model now is also available as a chronograph with oversized date. Slightly curved mineral glass is used to ensure a clear view of the face of this classic, precision timepiece at all times. The variety of stopwatch functions this model features provide for exact, down-to-the-second timing.

Admirers of the SBB clock can buy their own replicas: in 1986 the Swiss watchmaker Mondaine launched a copyrighted watch and clock collection based on this classic design; Mondaine’s Official Swiss Railways SBB Watch has itself been named one of the 10 classic watch-making designs to have come from Switzerland. It has also been selected by the London Design Museum and the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) as one of the most iconic examples of 20th century design. The SBB clock was not Hilfiker’s only contribution to modern living. He developed the concept of the fitted kitchen and was responsible for the standard Swiss dimensions for kitchen components (55/60/90 cm).

In 1986 Mondaine converted the clock’s legendary face and bold hands into wristwatch form. This one-of-a-kind, easily readable watch has become one of the true design classics recognized the world over. The straightforward and unadorned shape of the case and crystal make this watch a true time icon.

Mondaine Sports

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