How Do I change a Watch strap


This is easy – but allow time to do it as it is a slightly fiddly operation.

You will need:

  • A sharp blade such as a “Stanley” knife.
  • A small pair of pliers
  • A small bladed flat screwdriver
  • Some patience

It is best to work from the back of the watch, it is more accessible and if you do have an accident you won’t scratch in a visible place.  Place the watch upright with the winder at the top.  It is best to cut off the old strap with a very sharp knife – don’t try this at home kids!! A small pair of pliers is then useful to slide the old retaining pin left or right to release the spring loaded ends.

Take one strap off at a time so you get them on the right way round.  At the end of the new strap is the new pin. From the back of the watch, insert the lower pin into the visible hole, and rest the upper pin against the opposite lug.

With a thin blade, depress the pin head and slide it under the upper lug moving it slightly to locate the hole on the underside. Bingo!

Mesh straps are a bit different as you cannot cut them with a Stanley blade or similar.  Instead, you will need a thin bladed screwdriver, or small and slim but strong blade to insert  and try to push the outer pin towards the other end.  As a last resort, the pin is weaker than the case shanks so a gentle twist with pliers might free it.

Retro straps contain a stiffening piece of plastic which you won’t be able to cut through.  On the back, you should be able to see a hole to access the pin.  As above, a small screwdriver should get you out of trouble.